The KUMC Credit Union offers a wide variety of loans. Feel free to contact one our Loan Officers to assist you with any questions. Currently we offer the following:

Auto Loans

New Auto – Current model year or newer
Used Auto – Previous model year or older
100% financing plus sales tax available to
qualified applicants.

Recreational Loans

RV’s, snowmobiles, boats or motorcylces. We
can finance new or used models.  Rates for
Recreational vehicles are the same as our
Auto loan rates.

Personal loans do not involve collateral,
just your signature and promise to pay!
We can loan up to 10% of your gross annual

Share Secured

With a share secured loan you are using funds
in your share or share certificate as collateral.
As you pay the loan balance down the funds
become available to you.  The current Share
Secured is a variable loan rate that will equal
2.00% over the secured share dividend rate.

Home Equity Line of Credit

A Home Equity loan can be used to consolidate debt, take that much needed vacation or make some home improvements. To find out how much we can loan simply multiply the current appraised value of your home by 90% and then subtract the balance of your first mortgage.  This is the approximate amount you can borrow on a Home Equity Line of Credit.  For more information contact Bob Burton at 913-962-8144.

Mortgage Loans

For questions regarding New or Refinanced Mortgage Loans contact Bob Burton at 913-962-8144.